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This PROCLAIM Streetwear™ social media feature is to amplify the voices of true Kingdom Builders in our community. To us, an "influencer" isn't about how many followers you have. Instead, it's about how you're Proclaiming the Good News and the impact you're making in the world around you. Words are powerful. As it says in Proverbs, a person's words can be life-giving water.  So we're creating a space on our social channels where, instead of listening to self-help devotionals, people are reading the Bible and hearing the Truth as you read God's Word aloud.

If you'd like to be a featured voice, please fill out the information below and one of our team members will get back to you within 24-hours. 




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Are you able to voice record yourself reading your favorite Bible verse and does PROCLAIM Streetwear™ have permission to use it on our social media platforms?

Got it! Chat soon!

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