PS CLASSIC TEE | for her

PS CLASSIC TEE | for her


Our custom PS Classic Tee is anything, but basic.

With a fabric blend of bamboo & organic cotton our PROCLAIM Streetwear™ classic tee is the softest tee you'll own. It's sustainably-made and moisture-wicking with antibacterial threads that are highly absorbent and helps suppress bacteria growth. Aside from its cooling effect, another reason why this breathable tee is our classic favorite is because of its silky feel and awesome drape fit.



When you purchase a PS Classic Tee, you are given the option to receive a second t-shirt to gift to someone in need on the streets in your community -- OR -- you can select to have our PROCLAIM Street Team pass it out for you on your behalf.


 *Please note*the second t-shirt is made differently than our PS Classic Tee from our Sixty-One Collection. It is intentionally designed to be unmarked and gifted to someone in need.

See below for more details.


    Fabric: 70% Viscose Bamboo 30% Organic Cotton