The PS+ 61 Light Crew

With our Isaiah 61 sleeve tag and give-back mission in mind, we decided to create a new custom light-weight crew for the MVP that wants the "not too light, not too heavy" feel during the spring & summer seasons. Hand-brushed on the inside with our classic dropped shoulder; this crew sweatshirt is a staple for the comfortable relaxed fit we all need in our wardrobe.



When you purchase a PS+ 61 Light Crew, you are given the option to receive a brand new fleece blanket to gift to someone in need on the streets in your community -- OR -- you can select to have our PROCLAIM Street Team pass it out for you on your behalf.

Our team will contact you directly with details after your purchase.

  • What's this movement about?

    Our mission is to bring Good News to the poor, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and to give them a garment of praise instead of a faint spirit. (Isaiah 61)

     When you purchase a PS+ 61 Light Crew you are given TWO OPTIONS:

    Want to personally gift the fleece blanket to someone in need?

    ✸ Great! We'll mail you both: PS+ 61 Light Crew + 1 blanket  to gift.

    Prefer to have the PROCLAIM Street Team gift the fleece blanket for you?

    ✸ Awesome! We'll mail you: PS+ 61 Light Crew & our PROCLAIM Street Team will distribute the fleece blanket to someone in need.

    Either way, we support you!

    Our team will contact you directly after your purchase with more details.