have two, give one


To us, it’s not just the latest fashion trends or the relabeled blank tee.

It’s not the cookie-cutter cut-out from your best friend’s style magazine.

It’s luxe. It’s detailed. It’s unique.

It’s intentionally crafted from a single thread to a finished product, carefully stitched together with you in mind.

Black and White Portrait


The retro in you, in me. 

It’s the 10-year-old who went to the Boys & Girls Club after school to play pick-up games while her parents were still at work.

It’s the dream-chaser who doesn’t fit the 9-5 mold.

It’s the athlete who spends endless hours perfecting the jump shot from downtown, or slicing off a few seconds from his personal records.

It’s the trailblazer in all of us who rises in adversity instead of runs from it.

It’s the leader who wants to make a difference by empowering and encouraging those around them.

our ethos is simple.

purpose-driven streetwear + made in the usa.

We know.

You don’t chase your dreams in tuxes and in gowns. 

It’s the grit. It’s the hustle. It’s the sweat and the tears.

And what better way to jump those hurdles than in streetwear that gives hope to the lost and proclaims,

“You were made for such a time as this.” (Esther 4:14)



drip release.

each month, we drop a new luxe PROCLAIM Streetwear™ item

keep watch of the countdown.



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